While the most recent election may have held surprises for some, in San Diego, voters were crystal clear on one thing: we are sick and tired of developer driven planning and SANDAG’s lack of vision for our region!

The evidence could not be more compelling. The Lilac Hills Proposal (Proposition B), a developer’s dirty tricks proposition to subjugate the County General Plan, failed miserably. At this writing, Prop B lost with a whopping 63% of voters rejecting sprawl development near Valley Center.

This margin of victory was significant. Opponents to Prop B were significantly outspent in a countywide election. The proponent claims were misleading and incomplete. Several local Mayors demonstrated how out of touch with regular people they are by supporting Prop B.

But, thankfully, voters saw through the smoke and mirrors and defeated it soundly.

Likewise, Proposition A, SANDAG’s poorly conceived sales tax initiative, failed to reach the two-thirds vote threshold required for taxes. If the members of SANDAG don’t understand why this failed, they need only look in the mirror. Had SANDAG operated in good faith with the Quality of Life Coalition when all parties were working toward a solution that would address transportation, create good middle-class jobs for local San Diegans, reduce air pollution and protect the environment, it would’ve passed. Voters are demanding a better vision from SANDAG. One that prioritizes transit, water quality, quality jobs, emissions reduction, and clear accountability--not more and wider highways.

Hopefully, SANDAG and developers who want to operate here will learn an important lesson –we need to collaborate and cooperate to ensure that our communities continue to be a great place to live, work, visit, and thrive.